Short ENDP $17 strike calls expired worthlessly


Short 10 contracts of ENDO 17 strike calls expired out of the money. I originally entered this short position on 6/28 at $0.30. Total profit less commission was $284.55. Return per share after commission was $0.28.

additional thoughts

Here is the (link) to the orinigal post. This one was a nailbiter. ENDP was strong all day, and ended the day up almost 9% at $16.98, only 2 cents below the strike price of the calls. It did in fact make it as high as $17.12 intraday, but in the end got pinned” at the strike.

I am fairly bullish on the position. With some minimal market support, I think this one can climb towards its 50 day SMA at $18.44 in very short order. If I am lucky, and it moves up strongly early next week, I will attempt to move up the strike for the next covered call.

July 1, 2016 at 2:39pm · ENDP · buy to close · options · expiration

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